This Is 40!

Today is my 40th birthday

Wait, what??

I know right… I can’t believe it either, especially since I don’t look a day over thirty nine.

You know this milestone birthday seems to have snuck up on me. Obviously I know when my birthday is but the fact that I’m now going to be in my 40’s is still quite foreign to me!

I have no objection to turning forty, quite the opposite really. I’m very much looking forward to what the next decade may bring. What scares me is that in ten years time I will have kids turning 24 and 22 YIKES!!

For today’s post I thought it might be fun to take a little trip down Malinda’s Memory Lane! Some laughs, some tears, lots of love and only a few meltdowns.

We’ll start at the beginning……

I was born on a warm summer’s day on the 19th March 1975.  I don’t know if it was warm or not!

I’m the baby of my family. Last in  line after my two sisters and brother and it’s never bothered me to be the youngest. I don’t remember a great deal about the 70’s and by the time the 80’s started I was a shy 5 year old about to start Pre-primary.

Ahhh the 80’s!

What a great decade, the music, the movies, the fashion! Can you say Rah-rah skirts and neon hahaha. I spent pretty much all of the 80’s in primary school. Making friends, making enemies! Playing elastics, riding my bike, holidaying in Bruce Rock. My first nephew was born in ’87!  And by 1988 I was headed off to high school…… all gangly and awkward!

Moving onto the 90’s!

I started year 10 in 1990 and the following year at the ripe old age of 16 I kissed my first boy at a Blue Light disco. I left school the next year in ’91 and first kiss boy ended up joining our school on a Basketball scholarship. Before I left school for good, spurred on by my friend, I thought the best thing for me to do (obviously) would be to ride to first kiss boy’s house and hand deliver  (into the letterbox) a Valentine’s Day card….. loserrrrrrrrrrr. I’m pretty sure he knew it was me and all I can say is thank god I left school a few months later!

I'm so HOT right now!
I’m so HOT right now!

What’s funny now looking back is that in just four short years I would

  • Have my first serious boyfriend. A relationship that lasted on and off for three years. I learnt a lot from that! Best thing he ever did for me was make me realize how I didn’t want to be treated in the future.
  • Go to tafe, get the first of many retail / merchandising jobs.
  • Go on numerous bad / awkward dates! Kiss more boys hehe
  • Have the best time dancing the night away with my friends. Never drunk, that wasn’t for me instead I was the mother hen of the group driving everyone home and making sure they were okay
  • Meet the man of my dreams, future husband and father to our kids!

The year was 1995 exactly one week before my 20th birthday. Weeks of flirting before he finally asked me out. By 1997 we were engaged and on the 25th April 1998 we were married.

What was the best year of my life so far became the worst year when on the 15th August 1998 my beautiful mum succumbed to her insidious cancer and passed away peacefully at home. You can read more about that here.

Moving on!

The Noughties finally began, without the predicted chaos of the millennium! By October we were expecting our first baby!! So exciting and scary all at the same time. On the 19th July 2001 our pink bundle Grace arrived and our lives would forever be changed….. for the better! Then on the 1st December 2003 our beautiful baby boy Joshua arrived. Our family was complete.

Me and my cherubs!
Me and my cherubs!

The last ten or so years have passed rapidly. Mostly in a blur of sleepless nights – nappies – toddlers – moving house – renovating – family holidays – primary school – high school. So much in a relatively short period of time.

And as I sit here writing this post reflecting on a life lived for forty years I wonder what would I change, what would I want done differently? I think the obvious answer would be I want my sisters Family Tree House. She must have got that for Christmas back in ’82 and man I wanted it, I wanted it BAD!!


Seriously though the obvious answer would be to have my mum back. And my grandparents, both of whom have now passed away.

I don’t need much to be happy.

I’ve lost some friendships along the way but sometimes in order to grow and mature as a person you need to let go of relationships that don’t serve you. I’ve also maintained many long lasting friendships. I have a great family, not perfect because let’s face it there ain’t no such thing! I’ve watched my nieces and nephews grow into a gorgeous bunch of humans and I’m extremely proud of all of them.

So I think I can pretty safely say I’m HAPPY! I feel like I’m in a good place right now. Our kids are doing well at school and I hope I’ve been the kind of mother they would always want.They are great kids and I’m very proud of them and myself! Because parenting is hard and for the first time ever I can confidently say that so far I’ve done a bloody good job raising them! With hubby of course, speaking of…. I love my husband, even though he can frustrate me no end. We are in this for the long haul and still kiss on the couch like teenagers only now hoping our kids don’t catch us instead of our parents!

I have plans and dreams and things I want to see and do. If life begins at forty then I’m ready! I’m more me than I’ve ever been before. I comfortable in my own skin and not so worried about the little things and whether people like me or not. Most of all I’m more true to myself, my beliefs and the standard that I hold myself to.

Taken in my 39th year!
Taken in my 39th year!

Here’s to another forty fabulous years! CHEERS

Malinda xxx





12 thoughts on “This Is 40!

  1. Happy Birthday Malinda! Life is about experiences and you have had your share! Add to that a lovely family and you are rich beyond compare. Reflecting is good, but don’t forget to look forward too. Wishing you a great year and years ahead!

    1. Awww thanks Bree, I love this so much! Plenty to look forward to, I’m very excited about the future xxx

  2. Happy birthday Malinda – loved seeing your photos! I was dreading 40, oh the unnecessary hype!! But really, it’s all good, I can tell you that because I’ll be 41 this year. Oh & how I wanted a Family Treehouse too….. xx

    1. You know what Shan it’s the hype that kinda kills it! I’m actually glad my day today was fairly low key. That treehouse still haunts me haha 🙂

  3. happy birthday! you are a gorgeous woman and your family is lovely!
    welcome to the 40’s club… although i will be moving on soon to the next level i hope you enjoy your 40’s mine was mind blowing!

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