Week One – Shades of Grey & Khaki

Hello gorgeous people and Happy Monday, let’s get the party started!

Today is a very exciting day for me. As I announced in Friday’s post I am partnering with Cockburn Gateway Shopping City as style blogger for their Winter Fashion Campaign during the month of May.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring you the first of many looks over the next four weeks. I thought I would start the month off on a casual note and share two key items that will be must have’s for your Winter wardrobe.

First up the Sleeveless Knit…

There are a few reasons I chose this particular knit….

  1.  I really like this style of neckline.
  2. It is sleeveless which is perfect for the trans – seasonal weather we are having in Perth at the moment and easy to add layers to when the weather gets colder.
  3. I love that the back is a longer length, great for covering up anything you may want to hide!
  4. Lastly it’s a great neutral colour to have in your wardrobe. Easy to dress up or keep casual and grey is definitely on trend at the moment

I decided to go with really simple accessorizing to complete the look and chose this beautiful Snakeskin Cross Body Bag from Colette along with a silver cuff bracelet also from Colette. I like the way the mix of silver and gold tones look with the grey. The shoes are cute ankle booties from Crossroads and black pants with zip detail are from Paper Scissors.

{Ally Fashion High Neck Knit $29.99 / Paper Scissors Black Pant $19.95 / Crossroads Ankle Booties $34.95 / Colette Peta XBody Bag $19.95 & Cuff Bracelet $12.95 }

And now for look number two featuring another winter staple…

The Khaki Jacket!

Khaki in any way, shape or form is big this season! There are lot’s of ways to incorporate khaki into your wardrobe.  I’m wearing this lovely lightweight jacket from Chicabooti with striped t-shirt from Ally Fashion, clutch from Paper Scissors and check scarf from Big W .

And of course casual chic wouldn’t be complete without comfy lace up’s like these ones from Best & Less!

{Chicabooti Khaki Jacket $50.00/ Paper Scissors Black Pant $19.95 & Clutch $20.00 / Ally Fashion Striped Tee $9.99 / Best & Less Sneakers $12.00 / Big W Scarf $15.00}

And that’s a wrap!

What did you think and what is your HOT trend tip for Winter?

With over 40 fashion stores at Cockburn Gateway I can’t wait to bring you more of the latest winter fashion trends! You all know how much I love to shop and with so much to choose from this is going to be fun, fun, fun so make sure you stick around!

Malinda xxx

* This is a sponsored post as part of Cockburn Gateway’s winter fashion campaign.


7 thoughts on “Week One – Shades of Grey & Khaki

  1. Great post Malinda. I am loving khaki at the moment and I picked up a great khaki pencil skirt which I am wearing far too much!! It is so versatile and goes with everything!

    Congratulations too on your Blog success and with winning this gig with Cockburn Gateway. Would love to be able to click on the clothing links in your posts and go straight through to the websites…. #dangerous Love the Paper Scissors pants!

    Bree x

    1. Thanks Bree! The khaki pencil skirt sounds fab, and definitely a very versatile piece to have.
      I will think about the links but like you said it could be #dangerous and if there’s too many links it gets a bit spammy!

  2. Khaki and grey are my faves….recently bought a utility vest in khaki that was pretty exxy, but very different, the only problem is I’ve since seen a khaki anorak like the one above – ON SALE – and I can’t justify it because, it’s too naughty to have both 😦 don’t you hate that?

    1. Hi Alyson,
      Yes I know exactly what you mean! It would be nice to have unlimited funds to buy all.the.things. *sigh
      Oh well back to window shopping and waiting for the sales!
      Thanks for stopping by x

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