Week Four – Family Style

Hello fashionista’s!

Today I’m bringing you great affordable family fashion. I have to say it was nice to be on the other side of the camera for a change snapping pic’s of the kids!

My not so little kids are actually quite easy to please in the clothing department. Miss 14 shares my love of vintage / op-shopped clothes and doesn’t tend to lean toward labels…. yet! And Mr 11 is the most relaxed kid when it comes to clothes and is still quite happy for me to put outfits together for him.

Lets start with my main man Mr 11!

This dude, cracks me up constantly! But he is pretty fly….

{Cuffed Chino Pant – Target $20.00 / Long Sleeve Utah Print Tee – Target $12.00 / Emerson Check Shirt – Big W $12.00 / Puffer Vest with detachable Hood – Best & Less $25.00}

And now Miss 14…

This necklace from Lovisa is a current favourite and when purchased was on promotion (2 for $15.00) she also has it in blue!

{Check Skater Skirt – Supre $25.00 / Lyla & Co Fluffy Cardigan – Big W $45.00 / Black Felt Fedora – Cotton On $19.95}

I know Mr Style Within was hoping to be done with his modelling days…..

He is wearing the Jeans West Micro -Dot shirt again. This time we’ve created a much more relaxed look. Rolling up the sleeves and keeping the shirt unbuttoned with a tee underneath is a great way to utilize what is already in hubby’s wardrobe. Layering continues to be on trend for the bloke folk this season, easily achieved with the addition of a puffer vest from Target $25.00 and cargo pants.

And there you have it!

If you have kiddies younger than mine you can find lots of great outfits at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City.

Be sure to visit Ollies Place Kidswear  to see their new winter range…

Or pop into Pumpkin Patch for their winter range…

So Much Adorable!

Have fun getting your family kitted out for winter!

Malinda xxx

* This is a sponsored post as part of Cockburn Gateway’s winter fashion campaign




6 thoughts on “Week Four – Family Style

  1. Great shots and your kids owning it! A credit to Miss 14 that she isn’t leaning towards labels, I know when I was at the same age it was a matter of life or death at my school so props to her (and you!)

    1. Haha thanks Beth! Too much time spent taking my photo’s so I guess they picked up some tips! As for the labels I think both of my kids know that it’s not about where your clothes come from and Miss 14 especially know I won’t fork out loads of money! xx

    1. I used to find it really hard to dress him as opposed to my daughter but with him being so easy going it’s really not so bad after all! Thanks for stopping by Allison x

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