What Anniversary?

Something happened this week and to be completely honest I almost forgot about it entirely!


With a short week in Perth thanks to W.A Day, a sick husband at home whining like a two year old resting on the couch, a heap of errands to run and couple of catch-up’s it’s no wonder I almost forgot all about this…


It’s actually quite fitting that my blogger-versary on Wednesday ended up being spent in the company of other bloggers for morning tea!

So what does one do for a blogger-versary? Do I buy myself a gift or cake, throw a party, reminisce about the good old days when I had no clue what SEO, HTML or Google Analytics meant…… oh how I laugh and laugh when I think about those lost hours desperately trying to work out Coding!

Nah, no such frivolity from me but I do have something exciting for you all!

My gorgeous readers and followers you are super lucky because I’m teaming up with the lovely Mel from ZOOKI Melbourne to offer you something special for the remainder of June to celebrate my blogger-versary!

Before we get to that have a little peak at the gorgeous accessories from ZOOKI

Scarves – Neck ties – Rings – Bracelets and more, what’s a girl to do!

What I love about Mel (apart from her infectious personality!) and ZOOKI is that Mel is at stay at home mum running a small business plus I really love that she uses up-cycled materials in her designs…

‘All pieces are created in small quantities to preserve their uniqueness and exclusivity.  Some fabric is new, others have been rescued and reborn as part of my #threadrescueproject (see ZOOKI WHO? page for details).  After having a few frustrating mis-haps with buying online, I personally hand-pick and examine all fabrics and items to ensure their quality, texture and wearability.’

Now for the exciting news!

From now until the end of June ZOOKI is giving The Style Within’s readers and social media followers a massive 20% off all new orders! Simply use the code TSW20%OFF *

Get your hands on a little something, treat yourself (you deserve it) and show Mel some love!

Here’s how you can connect with ZOOKI

I’m not going to ramble on too much about this whole blogging gig. Other than to say it has definitely been a journey in more ways than one. I’ve had quite a few moments where I’ve felt like throwing in the towel but look, I’m still here! One of my goals was to at least make it to the magical one year blog-versary (does that mean I’m now heading into toddler territory!)

Blogging is many things, it can bring many wonderful opportunities and people into your life. It can be cathartic and tiring and sometimes you feel like no ones reading and all you hear is crickets! I am really happy that I persevered though.

Fingers crossed it’s onward and upward from here…..

Now where’s my cake!

Malinda xxx

* Discount offer available to Australian residents only until 30.06.15.

                               {Image Credit}


14 thoughts on “What Anniversary?

  1. Yay Malinda!
    Happy Birthday and well done on maintaining a great read!
    Love seeing your fashion and photos, brightens my day.
    Keep on blogging, x

    1. Oh thanks so much Deb, I really appreciate you sticking around to read my ramblings and for your kind supportive words x

    1. Thanks You!
      I hope you get a chance to take a look at the ZOOKI website, Mel has some really great buys x

    1. Thank you so much! It’s been an eventful first year and I hope the fun continues. The scarves are gorgeous aren’t they – Mel has a great selection of accessories xx

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