Hello You!

Hello beautiful blog readers…….. it’s been a while

Well just a little over a week actually but it feels like much longer!

So how are you, how have you been….


Me too!

Not in an OMG I have so much to talk and blog about kind of way but more of a holy crap balls where have the last few weeks gone, I have sh*t to do kind of way.

Since every single person in our household has been sick over the last few weeks we are finally (fingers crossed) on our way back to good health. Unfortunately with being under the weather much of my day to day organisation and to – do list falls by the wayside.

So out of necessity and because you know LIFE, I had to spend much of last week catching up on all the jobs that hadn’t been done. Also I can get a little OCD about my house being organised so it was totally doing my head in having stuff lying around!

Now that I’m back on track with all the boring stuff, here’s what I’ve been up to!

Or as I like to call it….. ‘Malinda strikes many poses and shares her daily outfits’

This past fortnight I have had the pleasure of test driving a selection of handbags from Louenhide.

If you take a peek at their website here  you will find they are having an amazing on-line warehouse sale with nothing, I REPEAT nothing over $49!

Which means you could get the lovely *MAGGIE bag (below) for just $19…

Black Jacket Valley Girl ( last year) / Black Jeans Paper Scissors / Striped Tee K-mart / Shoes Target (on sale).

Or the very stylish *LONDON bag for $39…

White Shirt Supre / Black Jeans Paper Scissors / Black V-neck Knit K-mart / Snakeskin Shoes K-mart.

But you’ll need to be quick as the warehouse sale is only for a limited time!

I’ve also managed to add another shirt dress to my wardrobe. At just $20 from K-mart I couldn’t go past the beautiful print on this dress, especially as I love to channel my inner boho!

Dress K-mart / Hat Ebay / Shoes Big W.

This look also includes the *Cayman Bag from Louenhide. I love a big bag for carting around mine (and everyone else’s) bit’s and pieces!

I have one more outfit to share with you! I found this dress a few weeks back and Saturday date night seemed like the perfect opportunity to take it out for a spin!

Dress Temt / Clutch Paper Scissors / Heels K-mart.

Such a simple Temt dress for $39.95…. but I love the simplicity which is why I opted to only added heels, clutch and jewellery.

Now on a side note the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Top 100 Voices were announced over the weekend and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed to not be in the line-up! Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done especially when you pour so much of your self as well as time and effort into producing something you hope people will love!

But Que Sera Sera!  I am genuinely happy for those who made the Top 100 and wish them much success and a ton of opportunities! See the finalists here!

That’s it from moi!

Malinda xxx





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