A Bit of This….. A Bit of That!

Hi Fri-yay lovers!

It’s been a funny old week here at The Style Within HQ (by HQ I mean my lounge room!)

And by funny I don’t mean laugh out loud hilarious more like ‘well, that was weird’

Today in particular is always a difficult day as it would have been my mums birthday. There aren’t any new feelings that come with today, just a sense of emptiness as yet another year passes by.

Earlier in the week it was also the birthday of another beautiful woman no longer with us

Princess Dianna…..

It’s embarrassing to admit how upset I was by Dianna’s death, unbeknownst to me a little over a year later I would know the meaning of total devastation when my mum passed away. I have followed the Royal Princes over the years with interest and feel a huge amount of compassion for Prince William in particular as I’ve watched him marry and have children without the presence of his mother.

It’s been a sad, reflective week as it usually is this time of year. To add to an already down week our best friends also lost their mother / mother-inlaw / nonna. So this explains my lack of blog posts and generally quieter presence on social media.

Now moving on!

I was so so thrilled to wake to the news that the United States Supreme Court had said YES to marriage equality! I’m happy (obviously) with this decision and hope Australia follows suit sooner rather than later. I know not everyone agrees with this decision and that’s fine, each to their own. I’m only speaking for myself and as I said I’m THRILLED!

And now for some Friday Fashion…

I had two lovely catch-up’s this week and each outfit I wore featured something I found in the kids clothing department!

Awesome, less expensive clothes are always a winner to me!

This very cosy and fuzzy knit is from K-mart $17 and I’m wearing a pencil skirt and ankle strap heels which are also from K-mart.

Look number two I wore to an afternoon high tea / styling session…

This Big W $19 vest I was actually really lucky to find as it was the last one! The whole outfit was inspired by the styling session I attended last week at Target (read here).

As far as sizing goes, I’ve purchased the largest size in both items. The jumper has quite a lot of give to it and the vest works well as I have no intention of doing it up!

I’m finishing this week on a happy note. Both kids are on holidays as of today and on Sunday we’re heading to my best friends little girls 1st birthday party.

I thought it would be nice to spread a little social media cheer so if your on Instagram here are some of my current favourite accounts. You may want to check them out over the weekend and get inspired like I do!

For fashion visit…

For Home Inspo…

For the Kids…

And for the lovers of vintage goodness…

Have you got anymore to add, I would love to know what accounts you’re following!

Also if you’re looking for inspiration of the fashion variety make sure you look for the #everydaystyle #rediscoveryourwardrobe and #ladylumberjack hashtags on IG. Lots and lots of lovely, inspirational and super stylish ladies!

Until next time

Malinda xxx









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