Why #everydaystyle?

Helloooo hump day!

Today I thought I’d talk about the Instagram hashtag I’ve come to love.

#everydaystyle is the brainchild of super blogger Nikki Parkinson – Styling You , a way of connecting with other like minded ladies who share their daily outfits.

For me personally, uploading a photo of what I’m wearing is still a relatively daunting task. You would think that well over a year into posting photo’s I’d be a seasoned veteran by now but I can assure you that’s not always the case.

I love fashion, dressing up and putting an outfit together but there are still times when posting a pic fills me with dread……

Will people like it, what do my friends really think of all this fashion stuff, who am I to post an outfit photo! These are just some of the questions that go through my mind.

Many times as soon as I’ve hit the share button on IG my phone becomes a hot potato that I can’t put down fast enough! I get so stressed about how the photo will be received that sometimes I don’t check my feed for hours after.

Silly I know, especially since I’ve always only ever had positive feedback.

And yet almost daily I post a photo…… why?

The simple answer is that I genuinely enjoy putting together an outfit that makes me feel great! I’ve blogged before about the time and effort that can go into one photo and how for myself personally it’s quite a process ( you can read more here and here! ) Another reason is that I need to get out of my own way sometimes, I have a tendency to be my own worst enemy!

I love seeing what other women are wearing or better still HOW they are wearing their clothes. What pieces are they mixing together and how are they utilizing their wardrobes….. can I do something similar with my own clothes?

As well as Instagram and the #everydaystyle hashtag being great inspo it also forces me to make a bit more of an effort…..to go through my clothes each day (or every other day) and put an outfit together that consists of something other than jeans and a tee!

I can be really quite lazy at times and think ‘oh what’s the point, I’m not going anywhere special’ but then I think, just as I enjoy seeing other ladies outfit photo’s maybe I also have something to offer.

So what has Nikki and her #everydaystyle hashtag shown me?

  • It’s okay to want to take a photo of your outfit and share it with the world!
  • There is beauty & inspiration to be found regardless of your style, size or age.
  • Women empowering other women with positive comments and feedback is a beautiful thing.
  • How to mix prints and rock my animal print with stripes!
  • Confidence is KEY! Fake it till you make it if you have to but remember how awesome you are in the process.

Whilst I might still be a work in progress here’s my advice to you. If your thinking of sharing an outfit photo but you’re still not quite sure….. I say go for it! Once you start you begin to feel a lot less self conscious, especially when you know how many other ladies are doing the same thing.

Here are some my favourite looks from this month already…

Get on board, we’re waiting for you!

Malinda xxx



14 thoughts on “Why #everydaystyle?

    1. So true Janet! Confidence is huge part of being a blogger in any category, something I lack at times but a great smile and happy disposition go a long way!

  1. Thank you Nikki for making such a great community of ladies possible! Even though I still find posting pics difficult I know I’ve come a long way in relatively short period of time.
    Loved seeing all your recent holiday snaps on IG and FB, what a fabulous time it looks like you all had x

    1. No your def not the only one! I could lie and say it gets easier and for a lot of us I’m sure it does haha! I do also really enjoy it though xx

  2. I love seeing your stylish self on my IG feed Malinda. I love #everydaystyle too. Its just such a great place for all styles, shapes and sizes to hang out in mutual appreciation of style. Bron x

  3. Malinda you always look gorgeous and are one of my faves on my IG feed. I always love seeing your gorgeous outfits and they way you style the whole photo. You always look like you are having so much fun. Which is what it is all about x

    1. Awww Sarah you are just too lovely! You know I love seeing your stylish self….. who else is gonna rock Kmarni with me! Most of the time I am honestly having a great time and Miss 14 and I always have a giggle xx

  4. You look beautiful always and I love seeing your pics. I haven’t posted many lately, mostly because my new phone’s camera is terrible. Next time, I am just going to stick with an iPhone.

    1. Oh Robyna I had the same issue with my phone. I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 5 recently which is a lot better but for the blog photos I use my proper camera. Thanks for your lovely words, you always look great too…. now I know why I haven’t seen you much. Hopefully your back on soon xx

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