Superhero’s + Villains

On Saturday night we celebrated the 14th birthday of our gorgeous girl Grace.

To say she is likes anything Marvel / DC Comics at the moment would be an understatement!

So with Grace’s love of Captain America in full force, there by rendering her unable to do anything but pine over Chris Evans the job of party planner became mine (of course) Not that I mind, in fact I love organizing parties!

Invitations were sent, very well made I must say by Miss Grace. Numbers were capped at a reasonable 20 attendees and I started work on collecting the bit’s and pieces we would never use again  need.

Number 1 priority was a Lolly Table!

I was pretty happy with the end result and Miss Grace and her friends gave it a big thumbs up!

Dinner it was decided would be PIZZA and realistically what more do a bunch of teenage boys and girls want!

In the interest of applying my rule of K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid!) and because birthday party games aren’t really such a necessity once kids reach a certain age we had just two games. The first was Best Dressed boy / girl and the second was Guess How Many Jellybeans In The Jar.

The majority of the night (when kids weren’t eating) was spent dancing or playing Just Dance inside.

When it came to the birthday cake Miss Grace has requested a Rainbow cake……. I. Don’t. Bake.

So that job was completely outsourced!

Purchased from a WA institution Miss Maude!

Costumes I was a little worried about mostly because Grace had picked a comic book character I’d never heard of….. The Scarlet Witch. But with a little imagination we put together a costume that she loved and her brothers Hulk costume I was so relieved to find at Spotlight and on sale for $22.50 #winning

Grace made her head piece herself and her cape was made from a single bed sheet set I found at K-mart for $10. Joshua’s mask was also from K-mart in their party section and came with Captain America and Thor masks which we used to decorate our outdoor area. Since it is July and the weather doesn’t always play along we put up tarps outside to provide some shelter from the wind / rain but luckily it was a pretty warm night after all!


I have learn’t over the years of putting on kids parties that less really is more! Most of the time kids are happy to just be hanging out with their friends and don’t always need heaps of bells and whistles. In saying that we have in the past hired bouncy castles and entertainers or had parties at indoor play centers. But for parties at home when the kids were younger then the good old games like pass the parcel or musical statues always seemed to suffice. As they got a bit older then Pinata’s were another good option. Our sons birthday is in December when the weather is quite warm so his last party at home involved water balloons and other water games!

Easy, fun and inexpensive!

What are your tips for having a kids party?

To finish off today here are a couple of photo’s we took recently at a fantastic graffiti wall not far from our place. Perfectly fitting for the birthday girl!

Hope you all have a great weekend, we certainly did!

Malinda xxx




3 thoughts on “Superhero’s + Villains

  1. This looks amazing Malinda – well done!! Who knew Miss Maude could do such an awesome Rainbow Cake!!?? Will def keep that in mind cos I don’t bake either!!! Grace may have a future in costume design – she’s looks fantastic!!!

    1. Haha thanks Shan, this was probably my least stressful party! The cake from Miss Maude was ok….. a bit too much butter icing for my liking! As for Grace she has always been really creative so we’ll have to wait and see xx

  2. Well done Min! Looks like a great party. Grace did a wonderful job of her mask and I too had never heard of her character!!!

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