What I Wore – featuring Philosophy Australia

Happy Friday readers!

Get ready for a COLOUR EXPLOSION as I bring you another gorgeous piece from the Philosophy Australia Spring / Summer ’15 range!

As I mentioned last week I’m not the kinda gal who shies away from colour so when this gorgeous skirt arrived at my place I couldn’t wait to dress it up.

The only real problem I have heading into spring / summer (as you will see) is that I’m in desperate need of a tan!

Anyhoo let’s take a look at the outfits I’ve put together


Much like last weeks post the really wonderful thing about pieces like this from Philosophy Australia is ……. the work is done for you!

And like a lot of ladies out there I’m not a fan of my tummy area so for me a peplum top takes care of any issues best left unseen. With a number of colours in the skirt pattern I decided to concentrate on the blue as it’s a favourite colour of mine but as you will see this pretty skirt works just as well when you stick to basic black.

Whenever I have a very bright and colourful item in my wardrobe I like to pick out a colour to focus on. For this outfit the simple black tee is complimented by a coloured necklace. Something else I love about this skirt is the very subtle gather at the front.

For this last look I’ve toned down the colour! Adding a simple white singlet, pastel jacket and silver necklace the overall feel of the skirt changes completely and feels somewhat ‘quieter’. As much as I love the blue peplum top I actually think this is my favourite look of the three, calm sophistication is how I would describe it!

To see more of the Decibal range and the wonderful new Spring / Summer 15 collection or for information on pricing and stockists please contact –

Philosophy Australia Fashion

Ph: 02 8307 7500

E: sales@philosophyaustralia.com.au

Alternatively you can follow the links below –

* Gifted to me by Philosophy Australia

Malinda xxx

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