Good morning Monday!

It’s been a while since my face has graced your screens and what better way to say hi than on #monochromemonday!

It’s a quick post from me to you mostly to say hello and let you all know I’m still here. Life just gets in the way sometimes and it’s hard to be everywhere at once.

But here I am now and expect to see more of me (yay I hear you say!) as we shake off the last of the cooler weather and really get stuck into the sunshine!

For today’s post I’m diving into one of the latest trends…. ANYTHING WITH A FRINGE!

I say anything because honestly the fringed factor is everywhere! Think shoes, bags, skirts and bikini’s!?!?

Whilst you’re VERY unlikely to see me in a fringed bikini (or any bikini for that matter) you will find me stepping out in a skirt… take a look!

This little piece of fringed heaven was found quite accidentally one afternoon when I was surfing around eBay. I loved the whole outfit instantly and if you click the link here you’ll see where I took my inspiration from!

Can you imagine my excitement when I found the gorgeous Zara bag above at my local Salvo’s for just $12! I almost , almost cried tears of joy! (yes I get THAT excited when I find a bargain!) But c’mon it’s so on trend right now it hurts!!

Totes Fancy Tee – Myer $10 / Fringed Skirt – Ebay $18.00 / Zara Bag – Salvo’s $12 / Colbalt Heels – Big W $10 (last season) .

So $50 dollars was all it took to re-create one of the hottest trends right now! And yes I’ll admit I’m loving myself sick in this outfit!

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I have another look in mind for this skirt when hubby and I head out for his birthday!

( If you’re not following me yet on social media you can find all the links in my sidebar!)

Until next time….. stay fancy!

Malinda xxx


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