Introducing – Galibelle Womens Shoes

G A L I B E L L E 

One of the lovely aspects of blogging as I have touched on previously is collaborating with great brands.

Today I am so excited to be introducing a gorgeous range of women’s shoes from Galibelle. With the tag line ‘ you can change it’ these shoes are exactly what you will need for any outfit or occasion.

So who are Galibelle?

A WA business owned by Kara and her husband Dave. On a world trip in 2013 a stop in Barcelona proved to be very rewarding after Kara stumbled into a Galibelle store, beside herself in shoe heaven here’s what Kara has to say about THAT trip!

‘I fell in love with the shoes and brought the Danni base with about 5 straps. I then threw out all the other shoes I had packed besides a pair of Havaianas and wore these shoes to death over the remainder of our trip. Anyway, while I spent around 2 hours trying on shoes haha Dave was chatting to the store saleswomen and walked out with a heap of contact information and ideas for the brand in Australia’

Fast forward to September 2014 with an online store opening, closely followed by the first of many pop up stores. But most exciting of all Perth ladies… Galibelle is opening there first ever permanent store in Fremantle on Saturday 10th October (yes that’s tomorrow!)

{* I am wearing the Mila cork stiletto with royal strap / Dress was purchased online from Sammy Dress }

Here Kara explains what makes Galibelle so fabulous!

‘Galibelle is a unique brand making women’s shoes all with interchangeable straps. Our collection covers everything from flats to wedges to stilettos,  all with a collection of straps that can be taken off and changed allowing you to change the colour or style to match any outfit.’

How cool is that?

Buy the base you love and change the straps to match your outfit, we girls do have a tendency to change our minds so these shoes offer the perfect solution! And how great for travelling, not having to worry about taking a multitude of shoes when you can just change the straps and base to suit your needs.

And here are just a few of the many gorgeous styles available…

Keen to know more?

You can find Galibelle in the following ways

Galibelle contact details are:

Or pop into the brand spanking new store in Fremantle and see the range for yourself!

6/30 South Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160 (08) 9335 8514

Have fun….. I might even see you there!

Malinda xxx

*Gifted to me by Galibelle for editorial consideration.






6 thoughts on “Introducing – Galibelle Womens Shoes

  1. Fascinating, I love a customisable piece and yours are super cute!! Also, interested to see your dress from Sammydress – have you bought much from there? I’m sorely tempted but have seen so many bad reviews and warnings!!

    1. How great are these shoes, love that they can be changed and also that they have such a variety of bases. As for Sammy Dress, this is the only purchase I’ve made and I’m happy with it. Like you I always read the reviews…. when something is fairly cheap though I don’t mind taking a punt. From memory this dress was about $13!

    1. Aren’t they just brilliant! I’m heading into the new store and will be looking for flats, there are some lovely new arrivals! Thanks for reading x

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