Look Who’s Back!

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope you are well and life has been treating you kindly. I must apologise of course for my absence of late. I could give you all a bunch of excuses but truth be told the only reason you need is this…

I lost it!

Not in a bad way, nothing happened… I just lost my mojo. Having briefly touched on this subject in one of my last posts which you can read here there isn’t much more to add to the tale!

Stepping away from all things blog related gave me a chance to concentrate on a range of things I had been ‘getting around to’ it also gave me a chance to get started on Christmas organisation and birthday planning for Mr 11. More importantly taking a break gave me the space I needed to decide if I really wanted to keep blogging at all and the good news for you all is that I do! More on that later.

But the break hasn’t been without life’s hiccups. We’ve had a lot of fun family time and outings, Mr 11 started basketball and I’ve managed to get the ball rolling on few collaborations unfortunately though it hasn’t been all fun and games.

Miss 14 our budding artist was super excited to enter a local Art Award & Exhibition. Seeing her piece displayed among other great works was a moment of such pride and joy for her….. until some horrid person stole her artwork two days before the exhibition ended. Stole it, right of the wall!

Un-frackin believable!

Much anger and disappointment ensued of course. The matter is now in the hands of police, CCTV footage has uncovered the time and day when the art was taken. Now we wait and see if the person responsible can be tracked down….

Moving on to happier news!

Last month on FB and Instagram I shared the news that I had become a Fashion Contributor for the I Heart Bargains website. If you haven’t visited this website, brainchild of gorgeous Chelsea Thomas you have been missing out! This site is dedicated to bringing you the best fashion and home wares bargains all under $100! Get the BEST luxe looks for a whole lot less.

Here are my first two posts…

I hope you’ll pop over and have a read, that would be awesome! Plus you will more than likely find some amazing bargains for yourself or someone else…. just sayin!

Back to the blog, I love to write. I missed having something to write about. I struggle at times with whether or not I have anything relevant to say in a world where EVERYONE has something to say, an opinion to give or some kind of how -to tip! Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all, I just find it can be tricky to find my own voice in a sea of many!

Before I go I’m going to share a link with you all by my friend Em aka The Illusive Femme where she shares her thoughts on social media and all that comes with it! I loved this post so very much, Em basically took the words right out of my mouth (she is just beautiful in real life too).

Until next time,

Malinda xxx



One thought on “Look Who’s Back!

  1. Welcome back pretty lady! So glad you decided to come back to the cray cray blog world. Congrats on the fab contributors posts – will def have read! And thanks for sharing my words, you’re too sweet x

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