Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight!

The title of this post probably sounds much more final than it actually is!

Don’t be alarmed it’s more of a goodbye to 2015 than anything else, what I really came to say is…….


There’s something about the start of a new year that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…..

It’s the promise of what’s to come, daring to dream of what could be. Looking forward to milestones, righting wrongs….. another chance to get it right.

2015 was a very interesting year for myself in so many ways. Personal and professional challenges always make for an interesting ride. I’ve learnt A LOT about myself. I’ve certainly learnt that the only person who needs to be okay with decisions I’ve made is me (sometimes hubby and the kids if it affects them, but mostly me!)

It’s. Not. About.You.

So what does that mean for 2016!

Well, planning and preparation for a huge new year started late last year. You can expect to see a bit more of me on the blog this year….. I was somewhat inconsistent with my blogging in 2015 but all going well I will decide on a schedule an stick to it!

I have some really exciting plans underway on the career front since hubby insists I get a job, I’ll share more about that in the coming months. On a personal level we have some really happy times to look forward to with weddings, out youngest starting high school (eek!!) perhaps a family holiday will finally come to fruition (fingers crossed). Hubby and I will celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss, that’s a milestone in itself and our gorgeous daughter will be 15 (again eek!!) when did she grow up and why??

So with lots to look forward to how about a little trip down memory lane with the year that was!

One of my favourite social media platforms is Instagram and I love that at the end of the year you can see your most liked posts, this year was all about the #bestnine

Here are mine!

No surprises that mine are all outfits I wore!

And on the blogging side of things WordPress sends an annual report which is handy because I can now tell you what the top 5 posts were for 2015….

  1. Theo & Co Pizzeria
  2. The Chambray Shirt Dress
  3. Five Fabulous Ways To Wear a Midi-Skirt
  4. Stalker Much!
  5. New Season Knitwear with Philosophy Australia

Whilst this year won’t go down in history as the best year ever it has been an important one all the same. I’ve met a heap of great people, worked with some amazing brands. Became a style blogger for Cockburn Gateway’s Winter Fashion Campaign and fashion contributor for I Heart Bargains, you can see my most recent post here .

I hope that 2016 brings much health, wealth and happiness to you.

Most of all I hope you treat yourself kindly and know that whatever you are doing, you are enough and your doing a bloody good job!

Until next time,

Malinda xxx

2 thoughts on “Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight!

  1. I LOVE all your outfits on instagram – you always look amazing – I can’t believe you have a high school aged daughter! Hope 2016 is marvellous.

    1. Thanks so much Robyna, I feel the same about you and your IG posts! Believe me I can’t believe she will be 15 and my son is starting high school! Crazy….. have a wonderful 2016 x

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