w4 Well hello there,

You may be wondering what The Style Within is all about!

Coming to life in June 2014 this blog was created as a way of channeling a huge amount of creative energy into one place.

I believe everyone has the ability to be stylish or to plan a stylish event or even decorate their home. That is the key philosophy behind this blog. The belief that everyone has The Style Within them!

For many years I have worked in the retail sector and more recently in merchandising and marketing. As much as I loved retail it can wear you down! Truth be told I was always much happier dressing mannequins and faffing about making stock look pretty than the important business of selling!

I’m happy to give anything a go from creating fabulous looks for the budget savvy to hosting birthday parties, Christmas events and the odd fundraiser. Oh and I absolutely love renovating! ( not the get your hands dirty part, just the styling at the end part! )

And who is the foxy couple in the picture above!

That’s me and Mr Style. Married for 16 years, two awesome kids and a bit of renovating under our belt, hubby’s tool belt to be exact! He is a cabinet maker extraordinaire and all round Mr Fix-it! You can call him John, I think anything else would just be weird and me……. you can call me Mal – Minna – Min or by my full name Malinda ( with an A!! )

So what now?

If you like fashion and hunting down a bargain, decorating your home or planning a party, I’m your gal.If you like talking about parenting, life or having a laugh I’m happy to oblige!

If you love a strong cup of tea and loads of chocolate I’m also your gal!

I can’t promise everything I post will always be exciting but I hope it will be entertaining and inspiring!.

Thanks so much for sharing this piece of the internet with a mum ( me ) on a mission to help my fellow fashionista’s find their Style Within…… without spending a fortune!

Malinda xxx









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