PR & Media


The Style Within would be absolutely thrilled if you would like to make contact for any PR opportunities.

If you have a business or product / service that you would like me to write a  blog post about I would be more than happy to do so.

If this sounds like an opportunity that interests you I am open to invitations!

The Style Within is able to offer

  • Facebook and Instagram Promotion
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product Trials


If I am gifted a product or service to try and I write a post about it, you will know!

I believe that full disclosure is of utmost importance so if I am compensated for writing about a particular subject  the relevant post will begin with a disclosure to let you all know from the start.

A lot of the posts I write, especially in regard to fashion for myself or our family and for items related to our home are purchased with our own money. I love to share bargains or great deals with my readers so because honesty is the best policy if per chance I am gifted something you will know.

I also have a full disclosure policy with those companies that I work with. I will only write posts in relation to products / services or businesses that I feel are relevant to The Style Within and our readers, I will not write about products I do not like or that don’t appeal to my readers.

To find out more about what The Style Within can do for you, please email

One Last Word From Me

The Style Within’s readership has been steadily growing over the last eight months. I am delighted with the progression of our blog and the expansion we have already had. The Style Within aims to be a humorous, positive blog with an emphasis on all things fashion, styling and interiors.

Statistics at 25th January 2016 are:

Facebook Likes 478

Instagram Followers 5723

Twitter Followers 470

I would love to hear from YOU for any opportunities you would like to discuss.


Malinda xx 

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