A Very Thrifty Christmas with Ocean Keys Shopping Centre



It’s the most wonderful time of the year…… Christmas!

What better way to celebrate than by choosing a new outfit.

I’m so thrilled to have partnered with Ocean Keys Shopping Centre to bring you

‘A Very Thrifty Christmas’

One of the things I love the most about being a stylist / fashion blogger is sourcing outfits that are not just on trend and practical but also affordable.

Wanting an outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous is something a lot of women can relate to. When you factor in the cost per wear of an outfit we all want to stretch those dollars further, especially at this time of year!

That’s where Ocean Keys Shopping Centre offers affordable Christmas fashion for every event. In today’s post I’ve put together three outfits with items purchased at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre and all for less than $150.

When looking for items for your wardrobe this is my best advice –

  • Can I wear it for more than one season or occasion
  • Do I have pieces in my wardrobe that can easily be mixed with it
  • Does it fit me exactly how I want it to
  • Do I feel fabulous wearing it! (the most important tip)

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re on your way to finding the perfect outfit for you.

For this post I’ve chosen a wrap dress as the one item that can be styled three ways. I went with a classic navy wrap dress as I like the versatility it offers when adding other items to my look. I also like that a wrap dress is a style that can suit many body shapes and be very flattering. You could of course choose a patterned wrap dress (or any style of dress) and apply the same styling tips…

For example – Heels and statement jewellery look great for a night out whereas the addition of a denim jacket with sandals and a hat will take you to a casual lunch effortlessly.

The wrap dress I’m wearing is a little on the short side (keep in mind I have long legs and a short torso so everything tends to look ‘leggy’ on me!). If you’re not comfortable showing so much leg I would suggest a light denim jean underneath or a ¾ length legging.

Let’s take a look!


Look 1 – Xmas Brunch



Wrap Dress – Ally Fashion $39.99 / Tan Belt – Ally Fashion $9.99 / Classic Denim Jacket – Cotton On $49.95 / Sienna Sandals –Spendless Shoes $49.99

Total $150


Lunar Sunglasses – City Beach $19.99


Look 2 – Xmas BBQ Lunch 


Wrap Dress – Ally Fashion $39.99 / Lunar Sunglasses – City Beach $19.99 / White Canvas Shoe + White Singlet – K-mart both $4.00

Total $68 



Look 3 – Xmas Work Party 


Wrap Dress – Ally Fashion $39.99 / Earring – Lovisa $17.99 / Quinn Heel – Spendless Shoes $49.99 

Total $108


I really hope you enjoy what I have put together and remember Ocean Keys Shopping Centre is the ideal place to do your Christmas shopping on a budget.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year,

Malinda x


*The shoes I’m wearing in two looks were previously purchased and are currently still available in store at Spendless Shoes

*The tapestry clutch featured is also my own but can be found at K-mart

*This is a sponsored post for Ocean keys Shopping Centre

How To Be Fabulous ( without spending a fortune! )

I LOVE this quote, how could I have not seen it before?

It basically sums up the entire philosophy of The Style Within!

Style doesn’t have anything to do with how much you spend or where you go to shop… it’s about what you do, with what you have.

And boy do I have a heap of winter looks coming up on the blog. Before I feature some of my new winter buys I thought I would share my tips for looking great without spending a fortune. I get loads of great feedback here, on Instagram and Facebook in regard to where I find my bargains.

I have to get this off my chest though before we get started. I dislike the term ‘frugal’ (it was used recently to describe my shopping prowess!) and it’s a word that makes me cringe and think of those Current Affair stories about people who re-use tea bags and I can assure you that is something I would NEVER do!! So let’s instead say I’m a savvy or even sassy shopper! I like the sound of that much more.

I love finding a bargain, I love scoring great pieces on sale. This doesn’t mean I don’t or would never buy higher – end more expensive items. If my credit card allowed it I would buy them more often!


Like a lot of people we have a mortgage, bills, kids at school, cars to run etc and being in a one income family at the moment means there isn’t much left over to spend on fancy threads. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable clothes and accessories, you just have to know where to look!

Here’s my top 5 tips to get you started!

  • Shop Everywhere & Wait for a Sale – Obviously I’m not a fashion snob! I look everywhere when it comes to clothes shopping. The simple fact is that you never know what you might find on sale if your looking in many places (but for items like a great blazer you want to look somewhere other than K-mart because you want it to last and be great quality). Now if my years of working in retail fashion have taught me anything it’s that fashion has a very quick turn around, so chances are whatever you’ve been lusting after will be on sale in a few short weeks. If you window shop often enough and have some patience you will bag a bargain!
  • Shop Online & Subscribe – I’m still quite new to online shopping and have been really lucky that everything I have purchased has been wearable! One really great thing about shopping on line is the discounts offered. Incentives like VIP promotions, special offers and discounts by simply subscribing or taking advantage of loyalty programs on offer. Best of all you’ll be the first to know when your favorite store is having a sale WINNING!
  • Op-Shopping – Now I know trawling through other peoples unwanted clothes isn’t for everyone but op-shopping can offer a great alternative to where you usually shop. If you like something a little different, quirky and vintage then you definitely can’t go wrong. I particularly love looking for accessories rather than clothes and the other draw card of course is that you’re helping many charities to continue operating.
  • Clothes Swap– This is something I have been wanting to do for ages. Grab a bunch of girlfriends, grab some wine or chocolate ( or both! ). Ask everyone to bring five or so items they’re happy to part with and get trying! Put everything in a pile or be a bit more civilized and use a clothes rack. Have fun, have a laugh and fingers crossed you go home with some great additions for you wardrobe…. FREE!
  • Borrow – This tip follows on from the last. Of course you don’t get to keep the item you borrow because let’s face it no one likes a thief and we don’t want to end a friendship over a pair of non-returned nude strappy heels! If you have sisters like I do then you already know how lucky you are. Borrowing is especially useful when it comes to those one off special occasions like weddings, balls, corporate dinners, even job interviews.

So what do you think, any tips you could add to the list?

How do you try and save a dollar but still look super stylish!


Malinda xxx



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