Week Three – Cape it Away!

Hello Friday you awesome thing!

You may have noticed that there is a little trend happening this winter season….

It’s the blanket cape or wrap!

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Week Three – His and Her’s

I love my husband!

I know it’s a very soppy way to start a blog post, a post relating to fashion no less but I just had to say it. He’s a good egg, agreeing to be in this post when he would have much preferred to stay inside and watch the footy, especially given the horrendous weather we had in Perth over the weekend!

So yeah, I love him!

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Saturday Style File

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today’s Style File will feature two items of clothing from none other than K-mart! I have to say I think K-mart is totally killing it at the moment with some ( not all! ) of their clothes and especially with their home-wares.

Last week I featured the Pineapple and Parrot decorative items and after stopping in store a few times this week I have spied some more really cool home wares. Which just goes to show you definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on your home or yourself to look amazing!

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