20 Fun Facts and 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Over on Instagram this week I was tagged by two lovely ladies to share some details about me! Rather than write a big paragraph on IG I thought I would turn it into a fun blog post because basically I like to talk about myself!

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A blogger’s life.

I thought I would share this funny story from the weekend.

Those who blog, Instagram, Facebook or anything else will completely understand the hilarity!

Sunday afternoon we were preparing to head out shopping. Mister 10 is once again in need of shoes and his number 1 pet hate is shopping. Already I was gearing up for an afternoon of torture and we hadn’t even left the house. Continue reading “A blogger’s life.”

School Holidays………. enough said!

I enjoy my own company. I really really do. On the school holidays it becomes apparent to me just how much I love being by myself! I love my kids, obviously. But crappy weather combined with holidays equals me wanting to tear my hair out and we’re only on day 3. It’s so sad to realize I have eight more weekdays to get through!.

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