Colours of Summer!

Can you believe there are less than 85 days until Christmas!

Bloody hell right? Once the current school holidays are over I will be doing some serious thinking about all things Xmas and Mister 10’s birthday on the 1st December!

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I Present You!

What do you love (or hate!) about celebrations? For me I love anything that has to do with birthdays, weddings, Easter, Christmas……. you get the picture! I enjoy the planning and preparation of a special event. Even more so now that the kids have come along. I will lie in bed at night for weeks on end with ideas buzzing in my brain!.

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Saturday Style File

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today’s Style File will feature two items of clothing from none other than K-mart! I have to say I think K-mart is totally killing it at the moment with some ( not all! ) of their clothes and especially with their home-wares.

Last week I featured the Pineapple and Parrot decorative items and after stopping in store a few times this week I have spied some more really cool home wares. Which just goes to show you definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on your home or yourself to look amazing!

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