I Don’t Like Monday’s

In all fairness I don’t really mind Mondays but today I have a huge dislike for Monday.

I have a massive headache and should be doing something much more productive than writing a blog post while half-heartedly watching Dr Phil. See not productive.

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School Holidays………. enough said!

I enjoy my own company. I really really do. On the school holidays it becomes apparent to me just how much I love being by myself! I love my kids, obviously. But crappy weather combined with holidays equals me wanting to tear my hair out and we’re only on day 3. It’s so sad to realize I have eight more weekdays to get through!.

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Hump Day Fantasies

Hump Day this week has me dreaming of being anywhere but here!

After two consecutive days of washing, ironing, cleaning and trying to be fabulous for the Fox in Flats Style Dare (all whilst warding of a head cold) I am totally over it! Being a self declared domestic goddess is so overrated and I’m fairly certain I’m much better at being a goddess without the domestic part anyway!.

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