Week Four – Family Style

Hello fashionista’s!

Today I’m bringing you great affordable family fashion. I have to say it was nice to be on the other side of the camera for a change snapping pic’s of the kids!

My not so little kids are actually quite easy to please in the clothing department. Miss 14 shares my love of vintage / op-shopped clothes and doesn’t tend to lean toward labels…. yet! And Mr 11 is the most relaxed kid when it comes to clothes and is still quite happy for me to put outfits together for him.

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Fast Five Interview!

Fast FiveToday I featured on the super beautiful and stylish blog Pretty Chuffed  by Jasmine Hunt.

If you love a bargain like I do then you must visit Pretty Chuffed for a huge variety of outfits and inspiration. Pretty Chuffed is all about the fun, the fashionable and the affordable. Who doesn’t love that concept!

Stop by and read my little Fast Five Interview with Jasmine and take a look at all her wonderful outfit ideas! You are bound to see something you like, I always do!

Big THANKS again to Jasmine for having me on her lovely blog

Malinda xxx

20 Fun Facts and 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Over on Instagram this week I was tagged by two lovely ladies to share some details about me! Rather than write a big paragraph on IG I thought I would turn it into a fun blog post because basically I like to talk about myself!

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I Present You!

What do you love (or hate!) about celebrations? For me I love anything that has to do with birthdays, weddings, Easter, Christmas……. you get the picture! I enjoy the planning and preparation of a special event. Even more so now that the kids have come along. I will lie in bed at night for weeks on end with ideas buzzing in my brain!.

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Frock Me!

I’m a sucker for a wedding. Yep, I’m the person who always cries at weddings. I’ve been known to snuggle closer to hubby and squeeze his hand during the I – do’s. I sit in the pew and reminisce about our own big day and gaze adoringly at our children, bought into this happy union of ours. They always look so angelic sitting there lit by the glow of light coming off the stained windows. You would never know that earlier on the drive to said wedding they were acting like possessed demons!! But I digress……….

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