What Anniversary?

Something happened this week and to be completely honest I almost forgot about it entirely!


With a short week in Perth thanks to W.A Day, a sick husband at home whining like a two year old resting on the couch, a heap of errands to run and couple of catch-up’s it’s no wonder I almost forgot all about this…

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I’m Spinning Around

Just a quick post from me. I had to share this story because I thought it was pretty funny!

Yesterday my phone rang and I could see it was my sister Michelle. I didn’t answer, not because I don’t like my sister but because I had just proceeded to put fake tan moisturiser on my legs!

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20 Fun Facts and 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Over on Instagram this week I was tagged by two lovely ladies to share some details about me! Rather than write a big paragraph on IG I thought I would turn it into a fun blog post because basically I like to talk about myself!

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