Introducing – Galibelle Womens Shoes

G A L I B E L L E 

One of the lovely aspects of blogging as I have touched on previously is collaborating with great brands.

Today I am so excited to be introducing a gorgeous range of women’s shoes from Galibelle. With the tag line ‘ you can change it’ these shoes are exactly what you will need for any outfit or occasion.

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It’s A Mystery To Me… Mystery Jacket

Firstly I have to start this post with a huge apology to Raychael from Agent Mystery Case!

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The One With All The Feelings…..

* I’ve always approached blogging with the idea of writing when I have something relevant, interesting or important to say. So with that in mind I’m sharing a post today that I’ve been sitting on for well over a week. Recent events in my personal life have left me feeling bewildered and upset…. Searching for answers on how people, particularly family can treat each other so awfully. Not sure I have any answers and I’m sure this post will ruffle some feathers but sometimes you just need to get stuff out of your head *

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Feet First

Keep your tootsie’s in tip-top condition!

That’s my plan with the rapid onset of winter.

I must admit I’m someone who grossly neglects their feet. Sad I know….because my tootsie’s certainly play an very important part in my everyday life!

For one – I try to fit in a walk for exercise as often as I can throughout the week and two – I spend countless hours traipsing around shopping centers in the name of research!

So how can a girl (or guy) keep their feet in tip top shape I hear you ask?

Well, the lovely folk at Scholl made contact with me recently and sent over two products for me to review. Products that can surely help with two common problems I’m no stranger to.

The first product –

Fresh Step Antiperspirant Spray 

It’s deodorant for your feet!

There is nothing worse than heading out shoe shopping (especially in winter when we tend to cover our feet up from the cold) only to discover your feet aren’t feeling (or smelling) as fresh as they did earlier in the day. But this Fresh Step Antiperspirant can help keep any odours at bay with a quick spray that last’s 24 hours and smells great! So next time you decide to head to the shops after a gym session and see those boot’s you’ve been lusting after finally on sale, you needn’t worry about the sales assistant running for cover when you stop to try them on!

And now for the second product –

Blister Shield Plasters

Ahhh be still my aching feet.

As I said earlier my feet are somewhat neglected. Any female worth her weight in shoes knows how painful it can be to ‘wear in’ new shoes. As luck would have it (not that my feet were feeling lucky!) when the Scholl products arrived in my letterbox I was in the midst of two extremely painful blisters on my feet.Thanks in part to my own Cinderella moment with shoes much less dainty than hers….. new runners! Plus my ankle boots were also making a long awaited return. With Blister Shield Plasters at the ready my little toe and heel were dancing with joy at no longer being tortured with friction or rubbing. What I especially liked was the fact that unlike ordinary band-aids, once applied the Blister Shields actually adhere and stay in place. Bliss for sore aching feet!

All in all I was really happy with these two products and would definitely recommend them. If you would like more information and great tips on how to keep your feet feeling fabulous and how to have beautiful feet  head to the Scholl website.

Malinda xxx