I Don’t Like Monday’s

In all fairness I don’t really mind Mondays but today I have a huge dislike for Monday.

I have a massive headache and should be doing something much more productive than writing a blog post while half-heartedly watching Dr Phil. See not productive.

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Inspiration…… where you at?

What inspires you to buy the clothes you buy, or the home wares that adorn your house?. What is it that ultimately makes you, you?.

I find that there is inspiration in many things I see, people on the street, television or friends. I’m not a huge fan of glossy fashion magazines, I find them to be full of adverts with not a lot of substance. Pretty to look at but not much good otherwise!. Plus there a huge waste of money. For fashion / style inspiration I need look no further than what I see in everyday life.  Instagram is proving to be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Seeing what other women, the everyday women are wearing and how they’ve styled simple outfits is fantastic. I also love looking at celebrities and swooning over their looks. But I know that the reality of my life means I’ll never be able to afford the beautiful designer label clothes they have and that’s ok! The challenge to find something similar at a much more affordable price gives me a huge buzz!

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