Smiley Miley Review

What is Smiley Miley I hear you ask?

From the name you would probably guess it has something to do with teeth, and you would of course be right!

I asked if I would like to review the *Smiley Miley Teeth Whitening Kit as part of their new campaign #becausecoffeehappens

Whilst I’m not a huge coffee drinker like I used to be ( tea is my beverage of choice nowadays) I have no doubt years of coffee drinking contributed to my smile being less than snow white.

So naturally I jumped at the chance to give the kit a go…

Let’s start by taking a look at what is included in the kit


4 x Whitening Gel / 3 x Mouth Trays / 1 x Mini LED Light / 1 x Desensitisation Gel / Instruction Manual + Shade Guide (not shown) 

After following the instructions on molding the mouth trays to suit, I was ready to start to start my Smiley Miley journey!

Here’s what I found….

The kit itself is easy to use, with very explanatory instructions. The mouth trays whilst not terrible to wear can get a little uncomfortable. I found they didn’t mold to my teeth enough for my liking, then when you add in the mini LED light to speed up the whitening process suddenly there’s a lot of apparatus in your mouth!

I found the best way to deal with this was to keep busy, I would tidy up the house or do any other chores that need doing. I’m actually wearing the mouth trays whilst I write it this! I suggest finding something to distract yourself with for the recommended time of 15 – 20 mins with the light, followed by a further 15 – 20 mins (the TOTAL recommended time is 30 -40 mins) You can understand why I chose to keep busy!

Once you have completed the time, remove the mouth trays and give your teeth a gentle brush. Any residual sensitivity can be remedied by using the desensitisation gel, simply use the gel in the same way as the whitening gel but without the LED light.

Rinse mouth trays when your finished until the next application!

Make sure you’ve decided to use the kit at an appropriate time as it’s recommended that you not eat or drink anything with strong colour within 2 hours (tea, coffee, chocolate) and no smoking.

Here are a couple more FAQ’s from the Smiley Miley website

  • For optimal results, use twice daily for 30-40 minutes over 7 consecutive days. The blue gel (remineralisation gel) is to be used after whitening process if any sensitivity occurs.
  • There is enough gel to get 2-3, 7 day cycles. This varies slightly as some people are happy with the results after only a few days, allowing more to be kept for later. However if you wish to use it for the full 7 days there is enough there to last 2-3 cycles of that.

So to recap….

Did I see a difference, yes I did!

I must point out that due to work / family obligations I wasn’t able to use the kit twice a day for seven days so naturally I would expect that any changes will take longer to notice, but so far I’m happy and will continue to use the kit accordingly.


You know what else is really great about Smiley Miley! For every kit sold they donate $1 towards helping children in developing countries receive cleft surgery, isn’t that awesome! Giving kids the gift of a smile, love it.

Oh and Smiley Miley ships worldwide for FREE.

Check them out here for more info or find them on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll see more guys and gals rocking their Smiley Miley pearly whites!

Until next time,

Malinda xxx

*Gifted to me for editorial consideration


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